The Old Workshop – June 2018

A few shots of my garden currently. The small bed with the Rowan Tree is about 2 years old now. The tree is coming along nicely and has added some cover for the small birds to dive into or wait in for their turn on the feeder. The bed on the opposite side of the path with the Apple Tree was only put in last June (the tree was a birthday present). The plants in here are new in this year. Eventually I will have to make this bed a bit bigger and or move some of the plants to elsewhere. For now it is filling out nicely with lots of lovely smells, textures and gentle silvers, blues and purples. The planting includes Perlargoniums, Campanula sarasto, Mentha longifolia ‘Silver’, Lavandula pinnata, Nepeta x faassenii, Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’, and Salvia pratensis.  I have also planted a Mulberry – Charlotte Russe which I thought I had lost last year, and definitely in the frost/rain/snow but she is back and thriving!

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