My Little Green Machine

If you are going to offer gardening services, you will need to mow lawns. Now, I am quite happy mowing a lawn; I love the smell of freshly cut grass, I like seeing a neatly cut lawn but how on earth was I going to cart about a mower in my family car.  So I set about trying to find a mower that was: environmentally friendly, light weight, collapsable/foldable and would have the power to mow two gardens in one day, both with fair sized lawns.

Handle folds down to make the mower compact and easy to store and transport

Meet the Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 35cm this managed to tick all my boxes and although it will set you back around £190 (including a battery and charger) it is well worth the money. Its small, lightweight at just 13.5 kg and the handle folds down so that it fits neatly in the boot of a standard family car. One battery will mow about 250 square metres of lawn provided you are not making it work too hard. If the grass is a bit long, or wet this will drain the battery faster. I ended up purchasing another battery, just because the way that my Thursday’s work I do one garden in the morning which has no external power supply, and a second in the afternoon where although I have access to power, it can take an hour for a battery to charge and I found it easier to just pop in the new battery and go. Saying that an hour to charge is pretty good, and it means where my client is happy for me to use their power supply I can plug in when I get there and mow the lawns as the last task.

I have now started using this at home as well. Our lawn at home is in a very bad way, compacted, full of thatch and at the moment mostly straw. We have always used a mulching petrol mower as that is what my husband had at his previous home. However, the mulch whilst great at keeping moisture on the ground has led to a thick build up of thatch that now prevents any rain from getting down to the roots and our lawn simply isn’t big enough to justify a petrol mower. The Greenworks has a mulching plug and a collection box. So I am hoping after some rain, a good scarify and aerate and sticking to collecting up the grass for a bit with my lovely little green machine, I’ll soon have a lawn to envy RHS Hyde Hall (Have you seen how green and lush their lawn is looking….)


One charge can cut all of this, with a bit of charge left over for the next garden. 


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