Salvias – 1 – Propagation Day

Today I have picked up 7 new Salvia’s from Lynsey and John Pink (holders of National Collection of Salvia species).  1 of these is in a pot and ready to go, the other 6 I was given propagation material and we are going to see if I can get any of them to root.

Apparently all 6 are difficult to root with S. apiana having successfully rooted very infrequently for Lynsey and then lost.

I thought I would track their journey here, firstly as a record for me so I can see what works and what doesn’t, and for anyone else interested in owning them and or propagating them.

I have managed to get a cutting from each one into the hydroponic propagator, in some cases where I had a bit more material I have got up to 3 cuttings from one plant in. I then have at least 1 cutting of each in the covered propagator in the greenhouse, and finally 4 pots of cuttings out in the cold frame. Those in pots (propagator and cold frame) are in a mix of Melcourt cutting compost and grit, not quite 50:50 but close. I have also decided to put a layer of horticultural grit on the top of all the pots as I think all of these, given where they come from and grow, will probably prefer drier rather than a lot of humidity.

So now… fingers crossed!

The Salvia’s Lynsey and John have given me to try are;

S. mellifera

S. clevelandii

S. apiana

S. leucophylla

S. brandegei

S. caespitosa





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