Salvias – 2 – We have leaves!

Yup. I am super excited as we have new leaves coming on one of the cuttings.

Firstly as a quick update all of the cuttings are still alive a week and a half on. Always a good start. Everything looks healthy and looks as though its still getting water.

There are some very tiny hairs on some of the cuttings in the hydroponics propagator, but I can’t be 100% sure if they were already there or if they are new, so possible roots coming but I am not getting to excited about them just yet.

So to the new leaves. This is Salvia apiana, its the pot of cuttings in the covered propagator in the greenhouse. The other cuttings look healthy, and the one that was a ‘stick it in and lets see’ is the one with two tiny new leaves at the base.

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