Lavandula pinnata

I bought this lovely Lavender from Pepper Pots Herb Nursery whilst attending a tour organised by the Surrey branch of Plant Heritage. It has performed amazingly here on Hayling, flowering continuously from July until now! I had been boasting about how well it was doing, only to find it blackened by the frosts and -3C temperatures we had this week. It is supposed to be tender so I knew I was on borrowed time. I took plenty of cuttings some tucked away nicely in the heated propagator, a few more in the heated greenhouse, and i’ve risked a few out in the cold frame.

Commonly known as the Fernleaf Lavender it has soft feathery foliage which is a pale grey green. It has purple flowers that appear in a trident shape atop long thin stems that wave gently in the breeze. It should flower well from spring to late autumn.


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