The Salvias

Last year I took a number of cuttings of native californian salvias from the National Collection Holders. These all grew on nicely and I have now started to put them out in the garden to see how they will cope with my conditions. I hope to have some of these available to purchase soon.

The following have just flowered:
S. mellifera
S. leucophylla
S. spathacea

These have put on new growth and seem happy:
S. cedrocensis
S. apiana
S. brandegei
S. clevelandii

These are not californian but all growing happily in my garden having survived the winter:
S. jurisicii
S. sclerea ‘Turkestanica’
S. oxyphora
S. vitifolia
S. discolor
S. verticillata ‘Purple Rain’
S x superba ‘Adrian’
S. lavandulifolia
S. bulleyana
S. elegans ‘Scarlet Pineapple’
S. ‘Silas Dyson’
S. ‘Blue Note’
S. ‘Nachtvlinder’
S. ‘Neon’


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